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Eligibility Criteria

Please note that the Principal Investigator must be affiliated with a recognised Australian academic or research institute. All form elements marked with a * must be filled out. If you have any queries about this form or the questions therein, please contact support at

The names of all research labs/consortia using this service are listed on this page.
The Apollo Host Name is the custom name given to your Apollo Instance followed by the URL This URL will be used to access your Apollo Instance (once created). The name of your Apollo Instance can be based on your research group, the genomes to be hosted or something else suitable that distinguishes your collection of genomes, e.g. or

Principal Investigator

The Principal Investigator authorises the request for a hosted Apollo Instance on behalf of a Research Group or Research Consortium. The Principal Investigator is responsible for the created Apollo Instance and obliged to ensure all users of their Instance adhere to the Apollo Service Terms of Use and Policies.

Please use your institutional email address.

Research Description

Please provide a brief description of your research objectives in relation to your Apollo Instance.

Can we list your genome(s) or organisms publicly?

On our website we have a list of hosted genomes and the research groups using the Apollo Service. Would like a particular genome to be listed here?

Do you plan to make any of your genomes (reference tracks) publicly available for viewing/browsing?

Project Administrator

The Project Administrator is authorised by the Principal Investigator to oversee the management of the Apollo Instance on behalf of the Research Group or Research Consortium. The Project Administrator has the ability to add, share or delete any data for any organism associated with the Instance and must have command-line skills. See more about roles and responsibilities here.


When papers acknowledge the Australian Apollo Service, they support continued research infrastructure investments by institutions and governments. When you use the Australian Apollo Service to support your publication or project, please cite its use using the following acknowledgement statement and web address. For future reference, this can also be found on the Apollo home and about pages.

This work was supported by the Australian Apollo Service provided by the Australian BioCommons and Operational Partners.